Blue Med Africa

Who We are

Blue-Med Africa is a Ghanaian Non – Governmental, non – profit, developmental and humanitarian organization made up of young and vibrant nurses, medical doctors, social workers and volunteers.

Blue-Med Africa started with the effort of five personalities in the year 2008; and this includes three Registered General Nurses, Medical Doctor and a Social Worker.

This came about when we realized that most of the disease conditions and their complications which reports to the hospital, were from the most deprived villages and some not the distance but can afford to pay for their healthcare. In view of all these we deemed it necessary to come together to create a change through health education and medical outreaches to these deprived communities in order to give them the opportunity to be informed, gain access to healthcare services and stay healthy thereby reducing mortality and morbidity among the poor in our society for free.

Together we make the world a better place

/ Founder & Director (Operations)

In the year 2009

The organization was appropriately registered with the Authorized bodies in Ghana. As time went on most people in the hospitals supported us and now we have a whole lot of medical professionals volunteers have joined us to help the needy in these underprivileged communities as mentioned above both Ghana and Abroad.

Blue-Med Africa is a humanitarian organization that converts the energy in volunteers, for community building and national development in Ghana as a whole. We are noted for the first class treatment rendered to our volunteers. We believe in working at grassroots levels where healthcare and developmental projects are most needed in order to bring hope to the forgotten poor.

Our Mission

Blue-Med Africa supports the reduction of morbidity and mortality among the youth, women and the society at large through education, advocacy, provision of self supporting skills education about HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, Malaria and Tuberculosis which are on the rise in the country.


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13+ Years Of Experience