Joanna Carmel

Name: Joanna Carmel
Institution: Wellesley College

I instantly felt welcome with the guidance and hospitality of the Blue-Med staff. I learned a lot about healthcare in Ghana and tropical diseases while volunteering at Ho Municipal Hospital and a nearby leprosy village, but the health education and outreach trips to orphanages and more remote villages were especially edifying. I was able to enjoy these experiences under the guidance of Blue-Med staff in accordance with local values and customs, giving me a deep appreciation for Ghanaian culture. I would recommend Blue-Med to anyone looking for a tropical medical volunteer experience with comfortable accommodations!

Clint Piper

Name: Clint Piper
Institution: Medicine College of Wisconsin

I traveled with Blue Med in the summer of 2011 while I was an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan. I didn’t know at the time whether even applying to medical school was I wanted to do, but I knew someone that was going along, so I decided to try it out. My entire experience was positive. After 24 hours of flying, Richard was waiting for us at the Accra airport with a van to drive us to Ho. By day 2, we were observing at the hospital. After the first week, we had gone to an orphanage, a village for cured lepers, and at least one medical outreach trip. On the weekends, we enjoyed trips to various sites in the Volta region and even a trip to cape coast. I came to Blue Med with virtually no clinical experience.

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Zach Matuzsan

Name: Zach Matuzsan
Institution: Rowen University of Osteopathic Medicine

Volunteering with Blue-Med Africa was a tremendous service-learning experience. During my five weeks in Ghana, I volunteered, helping doctors and nurses provide care to patients throughout the region. Working with this nonprofit organization was incredible because they made a real impact in communities. As we helped organized and assess patients during medical outreaches,

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Josh Nicholls

Name: Josh Nicholls
Institution: Newcastle University
I spent a month of the summer of 2012 volunteering with Blue-Med with a group of 20 from my university. The entire month was a great experience. Right away we were made to feel welcome by Richard and the team and had a lot of help to get our bearings in Ho. The volunteering itself offered a lot of hands-on experience, during which you were allowed to explore the healthcare setting and get to know many of the professionals opening up many more opportunities.

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Ying Chow

Name: Ying Chow
Institution: Liberty North High School
When I first signed up to volunteer with Blue-Med Africa I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into. As someone who is interested in a future in the medical field, I knew this could be a valuable learning experience. It was, and so much more. Volunteering abroad provided me an entirely new perspective on the medical field because I could see first-hand the healthcare challenges that a developing nation such as Ghana faced.

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Ruth Akpene

Name: Ruth Akpene
Institution: Wheaton College
Participating in Blue-Med was one of the best decisions I have made. Though I was born in Ghana and raised there for some years, this was my first experience in medical volunteerism. I enjoyed engaging with community members, whether the medical outreach was in the village, school, or the Cured Lepers Village.

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Melissa D’Andrea

Name: Melissa D’Andrea
Institution: Wellesley College
My summer started off by going to Ho, Ghana, and volunteering with Blue-Med Africa during the course of three weeks.  We had medical supplies and a van that helped Blue –Med Africa complete its mission:  the mission to reach out to communities in the Volta Region that would not otherwise be able to get to the hospital for healthcare or that otherwise would not be able to afford it. We went to individual communities and set up stations where we took blood pressure, had consultations with doctors and nurses from Ho Municipal Hospital and handed out free medication mostly for malaria, worms, fever, cough/cold, and anemia. 

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