Name:Deborah Kingston
Institution:University of Southampton
I arrived in Ghana in September 2011- after hearing about BLUE-MED and the great work they do the year before. I was apprehensive about going with a small organisation at first, but I could not have been more wrong! From the start Richard and this team were great- from answering emails quickly (no matter how silly my enquiry seemed) to making me feel part of the BLUE-MED family while I was there. Nothing was too much for them, they made me feel safe and welcome throughout.

During the five weeks I spent in Ghana I helped in the school and orphanage daily; went to the weekly clinic at the Leper village and helped out on a outreach day; as well as enjoying the local culture in the evenings and weekends. Personally what I loved about BLUE-MED is that everything you put in goes into the local community- no money gets lost paying ‘a manager’ a big wage- it really is a not-for profit organisation! Your presence their whether for a week or 6 months really is appreciated and goes a long way to help better the quality of life for those within the local community. I really did enjoy my time in Ghana and it will always have a special place in my heart-one day I do hope to return- that is down to in part the hard work and dedication of Richard and his team.