Name: Katherine Ferguson
Institution: Auburn University

Only 17 years old and I had no idea what was in store for me as I made my way to Ho, Ghana to work with Blue Med Africa. What I found there was God fearing, world loving people who were looking to make a difference in their community. The mornings were spent in the local hospital attending to patients, learning about the Ghanaian medical system, and sitting in on multiple surgeries. Each afternoon held a new adventure. We raised funds in school back in the States to build a washroom for a children's school in Ho.

In just three weeks, a pile of dirt turned into a bright blue girls and boys washroom. Often we traveled to nearby villages weigh babies to check for malnourishment and help with other medical needs in the community. We ventured to an orphanage to play games with kids and let our goofy side shine. One of our favorite afternoon excursions was visiting the cured lepers village. We would spend the afternoon handing out clothes and food to the families and then wrapped the wounds of the lepers. Blue Med strives to make a difference wherever need be and I was so happy to be a part of it for one short month.