Name: Christian Hole
Institution: Swansea University

The time I spent in Ho, Ghana with Blue-Med Africa was fruitful both educationally and culturally.  It was my first time in Africa and Blue-Med made sure our experience was both safe and rewarding.  The visits to local villages gave me my first experience of recording vital signs such as taking a patient’s blood pressure and in helping dispense much needed medicines to the villagers.   Gaining medical experience was a priority to me; the visit was arranged by my hometown university as part of our Medical Science degree.  Blue-med enabled us to be involved in a medical capacity in the community while providing supervision, information and guidance along the way. 

Visits to orphanages as well as trips to other parts of Ghana enabled us to gain a feel for the country and the provision of healthcare in another part of the world; the experience of talking to Blue-Med staff gave me insight into the difficulties of providing healthcare to remote parts of the country as well as the importance as a medical student of volunteering with such organisations.  One of the highlights for me was spending a day in the pathology lab’ at a local hospital in HO, this later inspired me to work in the laboratory at my own University in the UK.  The work experience was combined with trips to local bars, friendly football matches and swims at the local pool and a good balance of work and relaxation was provided by the staff at Blue-Med.  All in all my time spent in Ghana was invaluable providing me with lasting memories and invaluable knowledge.  Blue-Med Africa helped open my mind to healthcare issues in a country outside of my own whilst also broadening my knowledge and range of medical skills.